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New Product

Minicircle Services

System Biosciences

For info: 888-266-5066

When you want sustained transgene expression without the risks of introducing exogenous DNA—such as for developing animal models or pioneering new gene-therapy approaches—minicircle technology is a great option. But many labs don’t have either the time or the in-house expertise to spend constructing and producing minicircles—which is why we offer Minicircle Cloning & Production Services. Delivered by our experienced scientific team, who routinely produce minicircles for large pharma partners, our services are very customizable. We can provide a complete end-to-end experience—we clone your complementary DNA (cDNA), microRNA (miRNA), or small hairpin RNA (shRNA) into one of our highly regarded minicircle parental vectors and assemble large quantities of minicircles—or only parts of the cloning and production process. We can even customize the parental vector for you.

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