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New Product

Live Cell Imaging System

BioTek Instruments

For info: 888-451-5171

The BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System brings together the BioSpa Automated Incubator and the Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader to fully automate live cell imaging and analysis. Plate washing and reagent dispensing can be added to the system to automate the entire process, from sample prep through image analysis. Cytation 5 provides high-quality, powerful, data-rich image capture, processing, and analysis of live cell assays, up to 60x. BioSpa’s temperature-, gas-, and humidity-controlled environment houses and protects cells in up to eight microplates or other labware. The robotic gripper moves the plate from the incubator drawers to Cytation 5 for kinetic imaging and analysis in Gen5 software. BioSpa’s software seamlessly integrates imaging and liquid-handling protocols in an easy scheduling interface, and provides reporting and 24/7 monitoring of all processes. The BioSpa System has a compact footprint for use on benchtops and in biosafety cabinets.

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