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New Product

Human Exosomes


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ZenBio offers fully characterized exosomes from placental mesenchymal stem cells, cord serum, and custom isolation. Exosomes are membrane vesicles stored intracellularly in endosomal compartments, and are secreted when these struc-tures fuse with a cell’s plasma membrane. They contain protein, DNA, and RNA, making them an attractive vector for paracrine signals delivered by stem cells. They may also be “loaded” with predetermined proteins and nucleic acid to achieve a desired effect, and can be stored as an off-the-shelf product with the potential to circumvent many of the limitations of viable cells for therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine. In vitro, exosomes from preadipocytes stimulate cell proliferation in a wound-healing model. In vivo, adipose-graft–derived exosomes have been shown to be a promising tool for skin repair and remodeling.

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