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New Product

Genome-Wide Knockout Cell Lysates

EdiGene Knockout Cell Lysates can be used to validate antibodies for specificity or used as high-quality negative controls for Western blot analysis. Performance and specificity are critical for antibodies to be used effectively in research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications, yet reagents to validate antibody specificity are currently lacking. These lysates are specifically designed to drastically improve the process by which antibody performance is verified and target specificity is confirmed. Derived mostly from human embryonic kidney 293T (HEK293T) and HeLa cell lines, EdiGene Knockout (KO) Cell Lysates have been optimized through the use of genome editing technology and validated at the genomic level through PCR and Sanger-sequencing techniques to ensure the accuracy and knockout of the target gene. Each lysate product is sold in kit format consisting of a KO cell lysate and a parental cell lysate, which are immediately available from OriGene for the academic and industrial research markets.
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