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New Product

Gene Editing System

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The PluriQ G9 Gene Editing System is a complete system for culturing and transfecting human pluripotent stem cells for gene editing. The system includes the G9 Maintenance Medium and G9 VTN Human Recombinant (vitronectin) plate coating for culturing human induced pluripotent or embryonic stem cells in a manner that maximizes transfection by using the EditPro Stem Transfection Reagent (included) to transfect genome-editing constructs. EditPro Stem is optimized for delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 editing via DNA Cas9 vectors, Cas9 messenger RNA (mRNA) with double-stranded DNA (g-block), Cas9 mRNA with transactivating CRISPR (tracr)/guide RNA, or Cas9 protein with tracr/guide RNA. It is also effective for delivery of transcription activator-like effector nuclease (TALEN) and zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) editing tools, giving the researcher total flexibility in experimental design. With such high-efficiency delivery—up to 90%—antibiotic selection in the editing design is not needed. Additionally, the reagents have low cell toxicities, do not affect pluripotency, and are effective in small amounts, resulting in a low cost per well.

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