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New Product

Gene-Edited Cell Lines


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Horizon’s TurboGFP tagged HAP1 cell lines enable researchers to track protein production and localization at the endogenous level in real time, live-cell assays. The cells combine three leading technologies: CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing; the HAP1 (Huntingtin-associated protein 1) cell line; and TurboGFP, an early-maturation green fluorescent protein (GFP) from Evrogen. Although gene editing technologies are now readily available, the processes are still not straightforward, and can be costly in terms of time and resources. All of the award-winning products in Horizon’s portfolio have been designed to provide researchers with access to the latest technologies, effectively democratizing gene editing. These cell lines are also suitable for applications such as Western blotting, protein pulldown, affinity chromatography, immunocytochemistry, and flow cytometry. They can also be an ideal solution when working with a protein for which there is no optimal antibody.

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