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New Product

Gas Purifiers

Gas Trap Nitrogen Purifier

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Gas purity is essential in any GC, HPLC, or GC/MS application requiring high sensitivity. Available in optimized models for helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and pure air, GasTrap gas purifiers dramatically reduce the levels of contaminants, enhance the purity of lower grade helium, help ensure instrument stability and reproducibility, and lower running costs. Laboratory gases for GC, HPLC, and GC/MS are typically supplied in pressurized cylinders that contain trace impurities. Even with specialty high-purity gas supplies, trace contaminants of up to 20 ppm oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, neon, and argon are present, which increase proportionately as the cylinder pressure drops. Unlike disposable gas filters that are time consuming, costly, and cannot remove gases such as neon, argon, or nitrogen, GasTrap gas purifiers use patented Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to remove all contaminant trace gases and self-clean every cycle.

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