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EpiNext Post-Bisulfite DNA Library Preparation Kit

Post-Bisulfite DNA Library Preparation

For info: 877-374-4368

The new EpiNext Post-Bisulfite DNA Library Preparation Kit is designed for constructing DNA libraries directly from bisulfite-treated DNA for whole genome bisulfite sequencing. Bisulfite conversion is an essential process of modifying DNA so that methylated cytosine bases can be detected via sequencing. Currently used whole genome bisulfite sequencing methods need rather large amounts of DNA (great than 1 μg) as input material, as well as requiring the need to first shear DNA and ligate adapters to DNA fragments prior to bisulfite conversion. The innovative technology developed by Epigentek allows bisulfite-treated DNA to be directly used for ligation, thereby eliminating the possibility of breaking adapter-ligated fragments, which can often occur in currently used next generation bisulfite sequencing methods. The commercial kit, based on this technology, has high sensitivity and efficiency, enabling input DNA to be as low as 1 ng, and could be used for precious or limited biological samples.

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