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New Product

DXR2 and the DXR2xi

Raman Microscopes

For info: 800-556-2323
Thermo Fisher Scientific

The DXR2 line of Raman microscopes is ideal for scientists working in advanced materials research, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and the developing life science research market. They provide improved workflows that are designed to deliver unparalleled ease of use and accessibility for nonexperts without compromising robustness or reliable performance. Scientists can benefit from rapid, easy setup and a design that facilitates obtaining visually informative, submicron-resolution images. The new DXR2 line, which includes the DXR2 and the DXR2xi, provides both spectrographic and spatial imaging for regulated environments. New polarization techniques provide continuously variable angle polarization analysis, and software automation, coupled with equivalent optical performance, provides a more complete understanding yet is still easy to use. Kinetic imaging allows for real-time studies of dynamic processes such as battery cycling or biological activities in cells. The new DXR2xi Raman imaging microscope is image-centric and works much like the scanning microscopes already used by many scientists.

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