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CytoSure Constitutional v3 arrays

Exon Arrays

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Oxford Gene Technology

CytoSure Constitutional v3 arrays deliver the most advanced, high-resolution developmental disorder arrays currently available. Oxford Gene Technology has optimized the arrays via a proprietary probe design algorithm and experimental validation, enabling the selection of highly targeted, specific probes throughout the genome. Using an informed, sophisticated approach to array design, more of these optimized probes have been placed in regions of the genome that are most likely to detect a biologically relevant aberration. The result of this careful design procedure means that regions with the highest priority are covered at exon-level resolution on the arrays, enabling single-exon copy-number variation (CNV) detection in up to 502 prioritized genes of interest. Through combining superior array design capabilities with the latest research-led gene content, the most advanced array design is now available for accurately and easily identifying the causal aberrations underlying developmental delay. Providing straightforward analysis, all CytoSure arrays come with CytoSure Interpret software and full on-site training, streamlining data analysis, and interpretation.

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