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New Product

Custom Oligo Pools

For info: 800-328-2661
Integrated DNA Technologies

Integrated DNA Technologies has launched oPools Oligo Pools—ready-to-use pools of high-quality DNA oligonucleotides (oligos) between 40–350 nucleotides in length. Pooled oligos are widely used in high-throughput workflows in synthetic biology, diagnostic development, and drug discovery. oPools’ industry-leading low error rate of less than 1 in 2,000 nucleotides, coupled with high per oligo yields, facilitate fast, reliable downstream workflows for projects including CRISPR library construction, protein screening, and gene assembly. For synthetic biologists, quick access to affordable, high-quality oligo pools that can go directly into their pipeline without the hands-on time required for PCR amplification allows for faster, more impactful design–build–test cycles—which are so critical to discovery. There is no minimum order—pools are compatible with downstream cloning methods and have a turnaround time of just four to seven business days from ordering to delivery. oPools unparalleled concentration, uniformity, and accuracy assure high target specificity and provide researchers with the utmost confidence in results.

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