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New Product

Cryo-Electron Microscope

For info: 978-535-5900

JEOL announces the CRYO ARM 300 Field Emission Cryo-Electron Microscope for automatic, unattended acquisition of image data for single-particle analysis. The system is composed of an autoloading specimen stage (of up to four grids) cooled to liquid nitrogen temperatures and a cryo-storage device for long-term storage of up to 12 frozen-hydrated specimens. A cold field-emission gun produces a high-brightness electron beam with a very small energy spread, thus offering high temporal coherency. Equipped with an improved in-column energy filter (Omega filter), the CRYO ARM 300 acquires energy-filtered images and energy-loss spectra. The CRYO ARM 300 incorporates JEOL Automated Data Acquisition System (JADAS) automated software for single-particle analysis workflows. The hole-free phase plate consists of a thin, continuous carbon film placed in the back focal plane of the objective lens, providing a substantial improvement in image contrast of frozen-hydrated specimens.

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