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New Product

CRISPR RNP Transfection

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Many researchers need to transfect plasmid DNA, short interfering RNA, messenger RNA, and CRISPR ribonucleoprotein (RNP) into cells. For this purpose, OriGene offers Viromers, a complete transfection reagent portfolio and a technology breakthrough that takes advantage of a viral fusion mechanism (hence their name) to help you efficiently deliver genes into cells. Viromer CRISPR was developed to transfect CRISPR RNP into cells with high efficiency. For CRISPR genome editing, Cas9 protein and guide RNA complexes (RNP) are sometimes preferred, since they are fast, have fewer off-target effects, and leave no footprint. This reagent has a low impact on cell viability and physiology, is easily scalable, facilitates guide RNA screening, and is suitable for high-throughput screening.

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