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CRISPR RNA Arrayed Library

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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The Dharmacon Edit-R Human Druggable Genome crRNA Library enables screening of nearly 8,000 individual targets with CRISPR/Cas9 gene knockouts. The first arrayed synthetic CRISPR RNA (crRNA) library of its kind, it provides insight into numerous biological questions and offers a powerful screening resource to identify potential therapeutic targets. The Edit-R crRNA Library delivers one-gene-per-well information by enabling high content and multiparametric assays to characterize complex phenotypes. Ready-to-use, transfectable Edit-R synthetic crRNAs are designed using an algorithm that results in highly functional gene knockout, while also accurately identifying and eliminating sequences with the potential for off-target editing. The library offers 7,995 gene targets with four crRNAs per gene; 96- and 384-well-plate formats with quantities of 0.1 nanomole (nmol), 0.25 nmol, or 0.5 nmol per well; and subsets arranged by gene family including kinases, proteases, phosphatases, ion channels, transcription factors, G-protein–coupled receptors, ubiquitin enzymes, and other potential drug targets.

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