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New Product

CRISPR Guide Libraries

Agilent Technologies

For info: 877-424-4536

Agilent Technologies offers pooled CRISPR guide libraries for any functional genomics application, from genome-scale CRISPR knockouts (GeCKO) to fully customized, user-designed libraries. Genome engineering tools based on CRISPR have rapidly accelerated research related to functional studies of complex diseases and drug discovery. Genetic screens using pooled libraries are typically performed to locate and identify genes involved in cellular response, such as in signaling pathways, or to discover the function of novel genes. SureGuide CRISPR libraries are available in three formats: (1) ready-to-package plasmid libraries that consist of GeCKO libraries and target all exons in the human or mouse genome; (2) ready-to-clone custom libraries that enable user-defined custom CRISPR targets in mammalian cells; and (3) ready-to-amplify custom libraries that enable researchers to design every aspect of their CRISPR library, allowing the use of alternative delivery systems, cloning approaches, and the development of CRISPR libraries targeting any set of genomic regions in any organism.

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