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New Product

CRISPR gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kits

AMS Biotechnology

For info: 617-945-5033

CRISPR gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kits from AMS Biotechnology provide targeted and precise gene editing methodology. The recently discovered CRISPR/Cas gene editing technique offers higher targeting accuracy, more target-sequence selection, less complexity, and less off-target cell toxicity than previous genome editing technologies. To enable CRISPR genomic editing, the kit provides premade Cas9-expression lentivirus, as well as guide RNA (gRNA) lentivector cloning kits from which researchers can construct their target gRNA lentivectors. Applying both Cas9 lentivirus and gRNA lentivirus allows target knockout or modification (knockin) when a donor DNA is also applied. The kits enable rapid, precise directional cloning of DNA duplexencoded gRNA structure at efficiencies of greater than 95%. The lentivector included in each kit encodes an antibiotic marker or a dual marker (a fluorescent-antibiotic fusion marker), enabling generation of stable cell lines for long-term gRNA expression. Two promoters are available: U6 and an optional inducible H1 promoter.

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