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New Product

Confocal Microscopes

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Discover the ZEISS LSM 9 family for confocal 4D imaging with high sensitivity and spectral flexibility. Add Airyscan 2 with its new Multiplex mode to profit from smart detection schemes and parallel pixel acquisition. Gently image dynamic processes in larger fields of view in superresolution and with shorter acquisition times than ever before, or image your fixed samples with higher throughput and less bleaching. ZEISS LSM 900 is packed with innovative solutions for producing superlative confocal live-cell imaging. The elegant beam path is designed for high spectral flexibility and sensitivity, while its simplicity and small footprint save valuable lab space and minimize time spent on user training. For the most challenging samples, LSM 980 pushes sensitivity and superresolution imaging even further with a light efficient beam path featuring up to 34 simultaneous channels for full spectral flexibility. Stretch the excitation laser spot to image eight lines in parallel (Multiplex SR-8Y/CO-8Y) and use this speed advantage for ultrafast time series of single slices, rapid tiling of large areas, or fast volumetric time-lapse imaging. 

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