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ChIP-Seq Library Preparation

New Products Dec 7


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The UniqSeq ChIP library preparation kit is highly sensitive, especially for low-abundance transcription factors, and can be used for both quantitative PCR and sequencing. This kit is compatible with both high and low chromatin loadings with an increased slurry volume of 1 mL, offering greater flexibility with more difficult samples. UniqSeq requires a cleanup step, but due to the increased binding of the column, enough DNA is obtained from one column to eliminate the need to pool samples for library preparation. The kit offers a simple, cost-effective solution for generating ChIP-Seq libraries from chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)-derived DNA. Leveraging NGS, ChIP-Seq can quickly and efficiently determine the distribution and abundance of DNA-bound protein targets of interest across the genome. ChIP-Seq is one of the most widely used NGS applications, enabling researchers to simultaneously and reliably identify binding sites from a broad range of targets across the entire genome, with high resolution and without constraints.

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