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New Product

Cell-Free Linear DNA Expression Kit

Arbor Biosciences

For info: 734-998-0751

Arbor Biosciences’ myTXTL Linear DNA Expression Kit allows for the use of linear DNA, including PCR products, gene fragments, and synthesized DNA, as input for transcription (TX) and translation (TL) in an Escherichia coli–based cell-free platform. Removing the requirements for cloning genes into plasmids, transforming cells, and further selecting for clones will greatly accelerate the design–build–test cycle for synthetic biology research and sampling in protein-screening applications. Created for use in pilot-scale studies as well as high-throughput analysis on automated liquid-handling platforms, myTXTL Linear DNA Expression Kit delivers a complete solution for protein research and analysis. The E. coli–based system is a ready-to-use master mix containing all the critical components required for cell-free protein production. End-users simply need to add their linear DNA to the master mix and incubate for as little as 30 min before analyzing the expressed product.

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