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Cell Culture Flow Systems

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Quasi Vivo Systems are a series of advanced, interconnected cell culture flow systems, specifically designed to improve cellular phenotypes and human in vivo relevance of in vitro cell culture models. By introducing flow to the in vitro environment, Quasi Vivo enables you to generate models with improved predictive value, greatly improving confidence in the validity of your results. The system consists of interconnected cell culture chambers and a peristaltic pump to create a continuous flow of media over cells. It is available with three different culture chambers (QV500, QV600, and QV900) to support a wide range of applications, including submerged cell culture, coculture, and modeling of air–liquid and liquid–liquid interfaces. Not only is the system easy to set up, it also enables close monitoring of variables during an experiment. Furthermore, its large scale and user configurability allow researchers to perform assays that are not possible with microfluidic systems.

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