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New Product

cDNA Clones

OriGene Technologies

For info: 888-267-4436

TrueORF Gold is OriGene’s collection of premium complementary DNA (cDNA) clones that have passed the ultimate tests: sequence verification and protein expression validation. Each TrueORF Gold clone has been used to transfect human cell lines for protein expression. In fact, OriGene has produced over 12,000 overexpression lysates from TrueORF-transfected human embryonic kidney 293 (HEK293) cells and subsequently purified over 5,000 human proteins from those cells. Each clone is fully sequenced with downloadable chromatogram files posted online. View and analyze the sequences before purchasing, and you will never worry about mutations when using TrueORF Gold. All clones are available for next-day shipment. Why spend weeks constructing a cDNA clone or having it synthesized? TrueORF Gold accelerates your research, experiment, degree, publication, or grant application, and gets you there faster. There is no need for subcloning or plasmid preparation. Order a TrueORF Gold clone today, and start your experiment tomorrow.

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