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New Product

Cas9 mRNA

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System Biosciences

For preclinical and other applications where you need to minimize off-target Cas9 activity, use System Biosciences’ injection- and transfection-ready PrecisionX Cas9 SmartNickase mRNA. Unlike the wildtype Cas9 protein, which introduces double-strand breaks, Cas9 SmartNickase introduces paired nicks at the guide RNA–directed site. Creating nicks favors the higher-fidelity homologous recombination process over nonhomologous end joining, with paired nicking shown to reduce off-target activity by 50- to 1,500-fold in cell lines and to facilitate gene knockout in mice without losing on-target cleavage efficiency. As with all our Cas9 delivery options, Cas9 SmartNickase mRNA is functionally validated and comes backed by our expert technical support team—if you’ve got a genome engineering question, just email

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