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New Product

Automated Pipetting Robot

BrandTech Scientific

For info: 888-522-2726

The BRAND Liquid Handling Station (LHS) pipetting robot handles routine tasks at high speed and with the highest precision. It closes the gap between electronic pipettes and complex, expensive pipetting robots. The LHS is a quiet, compact instrument with a unique front door, allowing it to be set up in tight quarters. The instrument has seven working positions and five available liquid ends with single-channel volumes up to 1,000 µL and multichannel volumes up to 300 µL. The system has the flexibility to move liquids between reservoirs, tubes, and plates. Applications include PCR, quantitative PCR, and ELISA setup; serial dilutions; microplate replication and reformatting; DNA normalization; cherry picking; cell cultures; and general liquid transfers. Adapters and racks bring consumables to an even height, reducing unnecessary vertical movements to save time during pipetting. The LHS is supplied with extremely user-friendly software—liquid handling protocols are created with ease.

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