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Stem Cell Counting Technology

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Since the beginnings of mammalian tissue stem cell biology, counting has been the bane of both basic research and clinical stem cell studies. Biomarkers, such as CD34 and CD133, do not identify tissue stem cells with sufficient specificity for counting them. Asymmetrex’s AlphaSTEM technology, developed with AlphaSTAR Corporation, provides precise determinations of the number, viability, and self-renewal pattern (asymmetric versus symmetric) of stem cells in complex tissue cell preparations, including both research and medical specimens. AlphaSTEM technology uses computer simulation to extract tissue stem cell properties from specially prescribed serial culture data. The AlphaSTEM tissue stem cell counting technology has many exciting applications, including determining the number of stem cells in experimental samples, determining the stem cell dose for transplantation treatments, identifying agents that can improve the vitality of transplanted tissue stem cells, and identifying agents that are toxic to tissue stem cells.

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