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New Product

The AdvanceBio oligonucleotide column

Oligonucleotide Column

For info: 877-424-4536
Agilent Technologies

The AdvanceBio oligonucleotide column is the first high-pH, stable, superficially porous particle-based liquid chromatography (LC) column for oligonucleotide analysis. It builds on Agilent’s innovations in superficially porous, silica-based columns for biomolecule separations, which began with the Poroshell 300 in 2001, and includes AdvanceBio peptide-mapping, glycan-mapping, and reversed phase-monoclonal antibody (RP-mAb) columns. The right particle design gives researchers the flexibility to use high-performance or ultra-high-performance LC systems. AdvanceBio’s increased flexibility also allows more efficient use of existing laboratory resources, thus reducing costs. AdvanceBio oligonucleotide columns and oligonucleotide standards improve the reliability of results and reduce costs for therapeutic oligonucleotide analysis.

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