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Microscopy now update: Getting the most from your imaging

It was not too long ago that if your experiments called for microscopy, your biggest decision was what magnification to use on your light microscope, or whether to splurge on an oil objective. These days, things are very different. There are a dizzying array of fluorescent microscopes with an alphabet soup of acronyms, including SPIM, STED, TIRF, and PALM, to name a few. There are systems optimized for live-cell imaging and others for looking deep into tissues. Some are automated and can count specific cell types or can image an insect larva as it develops in real time. In this ebooklet we present a range of articles and information that we hope will help you, the researcher, choose a system that best suits your needs and apply it to generate the best data possible. This includes white papers, questions and answers from three of our past webinars, and seminal microscopy papers from Science and Science Signaling. We trust that you will find this ebooklet helpful and can use it as a reference guide for your forays into microscopy now and in the future.


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