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125 questions: Exploration and discovery

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It is fundamental to the human condition to ask questions, to be inquisitive. It is essential to how we have evolved and thrived as a species. The act of asking questions is often less a search for answers and more an attempt to find meaning in our world and connection with the plants, animals, insects, and even microbes with which we share our planet. Asking questions sparks curiosity, leading to more questions and deeper investigation. That is the aim of this project, together with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary—to stimulate the reader’s minds, ignite their curiosity, and encourage them to challenge what we think we know about our world. 

This booklet contains 125 questions, big and small, culled from many hundreds received from editors at Science, preeminent researchers in many fields, our partners at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and many young, inquisitive minds (received through an online survey). Although, as you might expect, these answers often simply raise more questions!


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