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"The one site we post jobs to all year, in addition to our own, is ScienceCareers. We are a growing company with a continuing need for good, viable candidates. ScienceCareers consistently delivers good, viable candidates."

— C. Kabbe
Envision Pharma, Inc.

"About a year and half ago, as I was getting ready to wrap up my PhD (Neurobiology), I sat down and asked myself, aside from taking up postdoctoral training- considered the default route, what would I like and be able to do for a career. Among the readily visible options was medicine, public health, business or law. I figured those options would help me specialize further and not necessarily broaden my professional horizons which is where I wanted to take my career. More importantly, I did not want to stray from science, but build on the experience I gained and instead work at perhaps a 'big picture' level. Picky, yes!

At that juncture, Science Careers was the first place I stopped by and visited most often since then. It offered a wealth of information about degree programs, funding opportunities as well as job openings (- see links below) and it continues to update its databases regularly and frequently. The website also contained valuable first-person accounts of individuals who took up unconventional career paths and in that sense they were pioneers. I read online articles on science policy, ethics and science writing and decided to contact some of the authors. It was to my joyous surprise that I actually got replies from them. They presented a balanced picture of what each of those career paths had to offer and the need for professionals, who are proficient in the language of science and public-policy, to take on the role of liaisons

The information, advice and encouragement I received, along with support from my PhD mentors, made me comfortable in stepping outside the lab and confident in seeking out the necessary skills to carve out an 'alternate' career - at the intersection of policy, ethics and writing - in an international setting. I joined MA in International Science & Technology Policy (ISTP) degree program, at The George Washington University (GWU), concentrating in Biomedical Policy & Ethics. Now, at the start of second and final year of the program, I look forward to the remainder of an exciting journey learning new subjects and issues and, equally importantly, networking which comes with living and working at the heart of policy-making that is Washington, DC. As for the future, I feel challenged and excited about what it has to offer.

For more information

— Vidya N Nukala, PhD
The George Washington University

"The quality of scientists that are utilizing the database to search for positions is quite impressive. Our company has successfully identified and contacted several top-talent scientists with highly desirable skill sets! This is an impressive database and a great single point of access to top-tiered scientists in today's job market!"

— Melanie Smith, Recruiter
Eli Lilly

"Science remains a one-stop shopping source for our company. We consistently get the most qualified CVs from advertising in the magazine and from the website. I know we are getting a good response from the web, because we receive CVs before the ad appears."

— Staffing Manager
A New Jersey Pharmaceutical Firm

"The resume/CV database is very impressive and flexible. We're very pleased with the 20 or 30 excellent resumes that we got. We'll purchase access more often, as our intellectual property practice continues to grow. Good job, Science!"

— Samir Elamrani
Patent Attorney
Shaw Pittman

"I would highly recommend and promote the use of Science's classified ads in anyone's search for sales representatives for their company. We had wonderful results and found qualified people very quickly."

— Deb Scherer
Advertising Manager
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.

Dear Mr. Gwynne, "Thank you very much for the tips (online Science) on the competitive job market. After several years of research experience, at present I am on the road looking for a scientist job. Your tips are very useful for a person like me. Thank you very much for the enlightenment on the strategy. Sometimes a person like you can make a world of difference in others' lives."

— G.R. Reddy
A user

"I wanted to let you know that I think your Job Alert service is a wonderful concept, and well executed. It makes it much easier for a busy scientist to keep up with job postings in a timely manner. I will re-enroll the next time I am looking for a new position."

— Leslie Casey
Director of Laboratory Operations
Elusys, Pine Brook, NJ

Science Careers has many listings for positions for grad students, post-docs, and people with Ph.ds. So if you are looking for something like that and don't want to sort through endless jobs for people with Bachelors degrees then this is for you. Also having upwards of 5 years experience is also a plus for this site.

Brian J.

"I applied for a Postdoc position that I found listed on your website. I was contacted quickly by the employer for an interview and was later given a job offer."

Nick K.

When we are applying for a job, even if it is not going to be successful I thing we need at least a reply and this is the best thing I appreciated when I was seeking job in Science Careers. I use to apply for jobs in many websites but I have to testify that I only got reply from the Science Careers applications. Maybe this is just a coincidence but it is what I noted. In three month, I did 10 applications via science careers and I got reply from 7 employers. So, I would really like to thank all the service managers of science careers.

— Salamita P.

I am a PhD candidate searching for jobs or postdocs. Science Careers has been an excellent tool to find out about opportunities in fields that I am interested in, in the places that I want. I have already submitted my CV to institutions where my skills may be useful and where I can grow professionally. I found most of them through Science Careers. This has definitely been my main search tool, thanks to the customized e-mail alerts. I love that feature!

— Alonso C.

Science Careers is an excellent resource for searching jobs. The wide range of jobs and oppotunities posted on the site and a very evolved search engine make things very easy at same time offer tremendous depth such endeavour. Job alerts feature with keywords of your interest is an amazing addition to keep track of things even when you are busy. The feeling that someone is searching opportunities for you all the time, even when you are asleep is a very comforting one in today's competitive world. And last but not the least, grant application guide resources like NIH-R01 Tool kit are are simply invaluable.

— Mangesh T.

I would really like to take this oppurtunity to say few words about Science Careers services.I had been a regular browser for this website and really found services to be really good enough all I could say in one word this website is "genuine in every aspect" providing utmost information and science forum is there for queries and follow-ups.

— Meherunnisa S

I would like to share my three experiences with Science Careers. The first event was a symposium organized by Science Careers with title "Funding your research". As a beginner for making a career in science it is important to learn how we can make our own steps in science. Also it was an opportunity to meet young scientists from different fields.

The second experience was when I read a few articles on about how to write and organize scientific papers. Again, that was very helpful for a young scientist as me.

The third event was "The BIO After Hours Networking Event" organized by Invitrogen Careers & . It was organized very nice. I enjoyed my time there.

As a young scientist I had a good experience with and I will try use it more often. And creates many opportunities for development career in science.

— Ori S.

I just wanted to provide a brief commentary about my experience with Science Careers. I would first like to commend Science Careers on your articles that have provided invaluable information to young scientists like myself. The topics of the articles have been published in a timely, relevant manner as I progressed through graduate school, which included developing a successful mentor/mentee relationship, career development, and available job opportunities. Many have provided insight and different perspectives from various individuals ranging from new students to seasoned professionals in the field. I am always intrigued by demographic information in your surveys that include job rates, salary information, and the best places to pursue a career in your specialty. Thank you for doing a great job in keeping my colleagues and I informed about the issues that are pertinent to budding and established scholars.

— Karen F.

Science Careers is very easy to use. The job listing search engine is easy to use and gives me the listings that I want. I especially like saving the job listings. The forums are also very helpful because I have many questions regarding postdoc and industry positions that many readers also have. I like being able to search the forum for commonly-asked questions.

— Wendy H.

"I applied for several positions, both through Science Careers and through individual university websites. Although I had several offers, the position I accepted I found through SC - it is in a foreign country so I know I wouldn't have known about it without SC."

— Kristin N.

"I do feel that Science Careers is by far the best resource for scientists searching for employment. When I was searching for a position, I relied almost exclusively upon Science Careers. Probably more than 90% of the positions I applied for were advertised in Science."

— Gary S.

"It is much appreciated that from Science Careers I successfully found my first postdoc job."

— Jin C.

"I found my first position after my post-doc advertised on Science Careers, applied and eventually got the position."

— Estelle F.

"I learned about my postdoc from Science Careers. For academic positions, the site is great."

— Meg F.

"I got a job at University of Pennsylvania, which I found on Science Careers."

— Makoto S.

"I got a job at South Dakota State University as an Assistant Professor using Science Careers"

— Daniel C.

"I got my postdoctoral position through"

— Aline C.

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