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We realize that you might have some questions about how to use our new job search technology, so we have a dedicated team of support staff standing by to assist you. For any questions including account access, résumé storage, job applications, and more please send us an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Access

How do I create an account on Science Careers? Just go to our Create an Account page. Fill out the required fields and click Next. It's that easy. I already have a Science Careers account. How do I access my information in the new system? Your login is now your primary email address. To log in just use the email address you had previously used to register a Science Careers account and enter in your old password. You will be prompted to setup a new password. I forgot my previous login information. What do I do? Your username is whatever e-mail address you used to create your account. To recover your password, visit our password recovery page and submit your e-mail address. Your password will be e-mailed to you.

Searching and Applying

How do I search for Jobs? Go to the Find a Job section of Science Careers. This will take you to the job listings page. In the left hand column are options to search and browse through jobs. Can I search for all jobs posted by a specific company? Yes. To see all jobs available at a specific company click on Employer A-Z in the navigation. Here there will be a listing of all current employers and the number of jobs they have available on Science Careers. How do I add a job to my shortlist? Click on the star icon next to any job you wish to add to your shortlist. If you are logged in the job will automatically be added. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to log into your account first. All shortlisted jobs will appear under Your Shortlist. How do I remove a shortlisted job? To remove a shortlisted job, go to your Your Shortlist page. Here you will see a list of jobs you’ve shortlisted. To remove one, simply click on the Delete link next to the job. Résumés and Cover Letters How do I upload my résumé? From the Science Careers Jobs homepage click on Your Profile. From here you have the option of viewing your current profile, editing your profile, attaching a resume file, managing your profile’s visibility settings, excluding certain employers, and deleting your profile. How do I add a cover message? When you click to apply to a job, the system will prompt you to enter text for a covering message. How many Résumés can you load into the system? You can have one resume uploaded to your account at a time. To replace your current resume with a new one, navigate to Attach New Resume, under your profile.

Jobs by Email

How do I enable jobs by email? To enable jobs by email simply click on “Get jobs like these by email” at the top of any search. This will immediately add the current search criteria to an automatic email alert. Or you can go to Jobs by Email and fill out your search criteria. Is Science Careers only for scientific positions? Not entirely. We are focused on scientific positions in government, academia, and industry, but we also have job listings across a variety of areas within scientific organizations including sales, marketing, management, and more.

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