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MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

International PhD Studentships at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

United Kingdom

Offering programs in...

  • Molecular Biology

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) is one of the birthplaces of modern molecular biology and it continues to be a prolific source of new ideas, discoveries and inventions. As a leading international research centre, the LMB attracts some of the world’s best scientists. To date, the LMB’s scientists have earned 11 Nobel Prizes, as well as numerous other prestigious scientific awards.

The LMB is a key component in the development of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, and is located at the hub of one of the largest and most internationally competitive concentrations of healthcare-related talent and enterprise in Europe. The LMB building has a stunning design and provides a globally competitive research centre with state of the art facilities for making the discoveries of the 21st Century.

Every year the LMB International PhD Programme gives 20-30 new graduate students from universities all over the world the opportunity to do cutting-edge research. At the LMB, we aim to train the scientific leaders of the future: we seek the best students, give them rewarding research projects and provide a supportive environment with access to world-class facilities and experts.

Graduate students register for their PhD with the University of Cambridge and belong to one of its Colleges.

Areas of study include:

  • Structures of biological “machines” by X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM
  • Computational biology  
  • Biology of immunity and DNA repair
  •  Intercellular signalling, membrane trafficking and advanced optical microscopy of live cells
  • Cellular neurobiology and genetic analysis of behaviour
  • Genetic, optical and electrophysiological analysis of neural circuits
  • Chemical and synthetic biology

Competitively awarded fully-funded UK and international studentships available for PhDs commencing in October 2019

Application deadlines:
UK, EU and overseas applicants - 5 December 2017

Early application is recommended
Interviews will be held in mid-January 2019

For further details on available PhD projects, eligibility and how to apply, see:

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