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Soak up the rest of summer

Summer can be a great time to recharge your batteries and refresh your enthusiasm. The season is fast drawing to an end, but even if you haven’t done so yet, there may still be time to plan a vacation. In addition to the enjoyment of catching up with friends and family or simply relaxing, taking some time away from the lab can help you reflect on crucial career questions, such as whether your working habits are truly productive, what your personal values are, what your next career step should be, and how to achieve work-life balance.

If you can’t go on vacation, don’t despair. Enjoying a few shorter summer days in the lab, facing fewer demands on your time from colleagues, or being free from teaching responsibilities may still free you up to reflect on your research and career progress, research and revisit your career options, or start looking for a new job.

If you’ve already made the most of the summer from a personal and professional point of view, you may want to start preparing yourself for the new academic year. Here is some advice on how to set yourself up for a smooth transition to the beginning of the academic year and start over in a new place if you’re about to join a new institution.

We’ll be back at the end of the month with more back-to-school tips and pointers, as well as articles about how to succeed in grad school and academia, pursue various career paths, and be happy and productive wherever you are. Stay tuned, and enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!

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