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You can help rescue biomedical research

Credit: Barcin / iStockphoto

Do you have ideas about how to improve the current mess in biomedical science? What to do about the glut of young scientists looking for opportunities? The dismal job prospects many postdocs and grad students face? The brutal funding scene and record low pay lines?

Rescuing Biomedical Research (RBR) wants to hear your ideas. The new website, which aims to encourage a national conversation, is spearheaded by Bruce Alberts, Marc Kirschner, Shirley Tilghman, and Harold Varmus, the quartet of science superstars who in 2014 published a searching critique, Rescuing US biomedical research from its systemic flaws.

The career you save might be your own.

They resolved that their article would not be just another well-meaning declaration gathering dust on some forgotten shelf, and they have undertaken a number of efforts to galvanize the scientific community around real reform. The RBR website is part of that campaign, and it lists on its steering committee a galaxy of other leaders, including postdoc Jessica Polka, co-lead organizer of the first Future of Research conference held in Boston in 2014.

So far, RBR’s “Progress on Solutions” section contains one entry, but it promises monthly updates on developments. The “Actions Proposed” section, though, already contains numerous suggestions and comments from people across the country. All submissions are easily available on the site, and new ones are eagerly solicited.

So submit your ideas and suggestions. As that old highway safety slogan didn’t exactly say, the career you save might be your own.