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Report on Immigration Policy's Effects on STEM Labor Market

Taken for Granted
Kelly Krause, AAAS

Our latest "Taken for Granted" column, which was published earlier this month, was based on a forthcoming report entitled Guestworkers in the High-skill U.S. Labor Market: An Analysis of Supply, Employment, and Wage Trends that was made available to Science Careers ahead of publication. The research study was carried out by labor force experts Hal Salzman of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Daniel Kuehn, a Ph.D. student at American University, and B. Lindsay Lowell of Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of International Migration, both located in Washington, D.C. The report examines the history of high-skilled guestworker programs and also explores the potential effects of current proposals to "staple a green card" to graduate degrees granted in the United States. In particular, it predicts a worsening labor market for STEM workers in the United States should the proposal be enacted.

The report has just been published today by the Economic Policy Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan think tank in Washington, D.C. and is available online.

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