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Programs Aim to Train Translational Scientists

Carving a Career in Translational Research

European Programs Offer Translational Training

Clinical Options for Basic Scientists

Bringing Community Into Translational Research

Clinical and Dual-Degree:


The M.D./Ph.D.: An Academic Path to a Career as a Physician-Scientist

A Typical Path for a Physician-Scientist?

The MD/PhD: What Comes After?

From our Partners (external links):

AAMC: Guide to M.D./Ph.D. Programs

AAMC: Undergraduate opportunities in medical and translational research

BWF: Clinical Scientist Awards in Translational Research

BWF: Career Awards for Medical Scientists

HHMI: Med into Grad Initiative

HHMI: Physician-Scientist Early Career Award

HHMI: Medical Fellows Program

APSA: Research Residency Programs

AAMC: Careers in Medicine

Research Issues

Perspective: Problem Finding and the Multidisciplinary Mind

Bringing Community Into Translational Research

Making Room for Research During Residency

For Med Students, Research Training Opportunities Abound

Workforce Issues

Workforce and the Job Outlook

The Job Outlook for Physician-Scientists

Capital Losses

Fighting for Preservation of the Physician-Scientist

Fighting for Preservation of the Physician-Scientist: Solutions


Redefining Tenure at Medical Schools

Interdisciplinarity and Tenure

Workforce Diversity

Perspective: Ensuring Retention of Women in Physician-Scientist Training

Women M.D.-Ph.D.s: Life in the Trenches

Ethics and Regulatory

For Physician-Scientists, Conflict-of-Interest Issues Are Complex

From Our Partners (external links):

AAMC: CareerConnect

AAMC: Financial Conflicts of Interest in Academic Medicine

NIH: Conflict of Interest Page

AAMC: Diversity in the Physician Workforce: Facts and Figures 2006

AAMC: MD-PhD Applicants, Acceptees, Matriculants, and Graduates

Work-Life Balance

Academic Scientists at Work: Where'd My Day Go?

Giving Presentations

The All-Important Research Talk: Learning How to Do It Better

Mastering Your Ph.D.: Giving a Great Presentation

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