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In Person: Series Index

Hidde de Vries

Got something to say about starting or moving through a career in science? Here's your chance to let friends and colleagues know what's on your mind. Science Careers now offers a series of personal essays called "In Person," about education and career development -- in the broadest sense -- in the sciences and engineering.

Your essay can relate personal experiences that gave you special insights. Or, you can tell about a special person who had an impact on your career, or discuss a policy issue related to career planning, or come up with another topic related to scientific or engineering careers. Invitations from junior and senior scientists, policy makers and decision makers, are welcome.

Here are the guidelines

Your essay should be about 800 words long and personal in tone. Please send us your submission as an editable text document attachment to an e-mail message, addressed to (Subject: In Person submission); Microsoft Word format is preferred, but OpenOffice format is acceptable. Please do NOT include photographs or other attachments with the original submission.

We will give each manuscript we receive careful consideration, and contact you within 6 weeks if we decide to publish your essay. Most essays will be edited prior to publication. If you do not hear from us in 6 weeks, feel free to submit your work elsewhere.

One foot in academia, the other in industry
13 November 2014
Jyoti Mishra
Jyoti Mishra’s unusual postdoc allowed her to connect basic science with its potential applications.

A double dose of advice
22 October 2014
Huan Wang
A former graduate student (and current postdoc) offers tips on working jointly with two graduate advisers.

Teaching Is a Powerful Credential
24 March 2014
Chris Martine
Aspiring faculty members who want their applications to stand out should focus on their teaching credentials.

The Third Way: Becoming an Academic Entrepreneur
20 March 2014
Javier Garcia-Martinez
Increasingly, scientists do not need to sacrifice academic freedom for the opportunity to bring their discoveries to market.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Meeting People
12 March 2014
Melissa D. Vaught
A networking-averse young scientist learns not just to tolerate but to enjoy and value meeting people and establishing new networks.

Planning a Career in Today's Landscape
29 January 2014
Kenneth Gibbs Jr.
His career now refocused following a policy fellowship, Kenneth Gibbs Jr. offers advice for scientists contemplating a change of direction.

A Different Kind of Discovery
21 January 2014
Matthew McGrath
Computational scientist Matthew McGrath has a passion for discovery—of people, places, and cultures.

An American Postdoc Abroad
15 January 2014
Edward O’Brien
Edward O’Brien’s experience in England afforded him opportunities he would not have had otherwise, and it helped him land a tenure-track position in the United States.

What Makes a Competitive Faculty Application Package?
10 December 2013
Fatma Kaplan
After applying unsuccessfully for nearly 150 faculty jobs, Fatma Kaplan concludes that what she really needs is a federal research grant.

A Perfect Time for Babies
25 November 2013
Jacquiline Romero
Jacquiline Romero, who is now a postdoc, says that graduate school is the best time for an aspiring scientist to have a baby.

Science as a Verb
18 November 2013
Maria Fadri-Moskwik
At the moment Maria Fadri-Moskwik decided to become a scientist, she was strapped to a human hamster wheel.

Why I Do Science
11 November 2013
Sushil Devkota
The euphoria of discovery and the knowledge that your discoveries may help someone provide sufficient motivation to keep pushing forward.

Caught Up in Publishing
23 October 2013
Anand Krishnan
We need to find new policies and incentives that return science to a hunt for scientific truth and not for publications.

09 October 2013
François L. Mayer
An unorthodox teacher—of German literature—inspired François Mayer to pursue a career in science.

Can I Get a Ph.D. in Collaboration?
11 September 2013
Jenna M. Shapiro
Science needs scientists who occupy the spaces between fields, to complement the more abundant disciplinary experts.

The Life Scientist Bubble
28 August 2013
Victoria Doronina
"It's hard to see how a system in which the innovators are commodified can long survive," writes a long-term postdoc in the life sciences.

From the Lab Bench to the U.N.
21 August 2013
Marga Gual Soler
A Ph.D. candidate finds that the peripheral activities she engaged in during her Ph.D. prepared her well for a career in science diplomacy.

The Benefits of a Doubt
12 July 2013
Niamh M. C. Connolly
Doubt and uncertainty can be uncomfortable, writes Niamh Connolly, but it has the potential to lead to better science.

The End of My Rainbow
03 April 2013
Rachel Ruhlen
After the blush of first love is gone, Rachel Ruhlen digs deep to find passion for her work.

Surviving as a Postdoc
06 March 2013
Charmaine Tam
Australian postdoc Charmaine Tam shares tips on how to make it through this early phase of a research career.

My Boss With Stephen Hawking Disease
11 January 2013
Rodica Stan
A protégé pays tribute to the humanity and resilience of immunologist Alan Houghton.

My Career, My Non-Academic Husband, and Me
17 August 2012
Aurélie Ambrosi
The implications of being in a mixed-career couple became apparent to biologist Aurélie Ambrosi as lifestyle differences appeared.

What Not to Do With Your Physics Degree
03 August 2012
Brooke Allen
A quantitative trader urges physics faculty not to send their students to Wall Street.

Family-Friendly Science Careers
18 May 2012
Tracy Ainsworth
We need to let young women know that it is possible to have a science career and a family.

Consulting for Career Enhancement
27 April 2012
Maximiliaan Schillebeeckx
Keryn Gold
Paul Lu
A group of grad students and postdocs has created a successful non-profit consulting group to improve their private-sector employment prospects.

Career GPS
16 March 2012
Evgenya L. Shkolnik
Alexandra Surcel
Anat Shahar
Hannah Jang-Condell
Our self-organized peer-mentoring groups changed our lives for the better.

At Summer Davos
04 November 2011
Madhur Anand
At a world summit, a young scientist recognizes the importance of engaging real-world problems and the wider community.

A Career in Biotech Patent Law
14 October 2011
William J. Simmons
A patent attorney and former immunologist examines his career transition and offers advice to scientists interested in a career in patent law.

On Shaky Ground
30 September 2011
Yassar Alamri
In the aftermath of an earthquake, a scientist ruminates on the uncertainties of working in science.

A Sabbatical in Namibia
26 August 2011
Lisa A. Levin, David M. Checkley
Following on our series on doing science in Namibia, two scientists describe their sabbatical experiences there.

How Not to Succeed In Academia
04 February 2011
Kathy Weston
A once-promising academic scientist tells how she ended up jumping out a window of the ivory tower before she was pushed.

Finding a Path from Oceanography to a Science Communication Career
15 October 2010
Roz Pidcock
Partway through her Ph.D., Roz Pidcock realized she wanted to talk and write about science, not do it herself.

How Our Adventures Led to Careers in Science.
03 September 2010
Kolby Jardine, Angela Jardine
Science and outdoor activities form a positive feedback loop for scientists Kolby and Angela Jardine.

Studying the Implications of New Medical Technologies
14 May 2010
Wendell Fortson
People with scientific training are needed to explore ethical and legal issues of science in the clinic.

A Dream Lab in Romania
11 December 2009
Tudor Luchian
For Romania, 1989 was a momentous year, but it wasn't until the mid-2000s that Tudor Luchian found the resources he needed to establish a cutting-edge lab there.

A Simpler Life
23 October 2009
Virginia Long
A recently rejected physics professor rediscovers the pleasures of carrots and carpentry as she ponders her future.

The Pursuit of Happiness
14 August 2009
Huda Akil
The joy of playing with her granddaughter tickles the neurons of a noted neuroscientist and inspires her research.

Breaking All the Rules
29 May 2009
Ruth Ley
Ruth Ley and Lars Angenent found that two-scientist couples don't have to compromise on independent research careers--but the path isn't always easy.

Eggheads and Cheeseheads
2 January 2009
Daniel M. Albert
After 30 years split evenly between the Ivy League and the Big Ten, a researcher and administrator reflects on the differences in institutional culture.

The Trick to a Rewarding Career
7 November 2008
Marc Hermann
Throughout his professional journey, Marc Hermann has always done "Exactly What He Always Wanted to Do"

Ich bin Postdoctorin in Berlin
3 October 2008
Vasana Maneeratana
A "small-town Florida gal" finds that the biggest challenges in moving abroad aren't always scientific.

A European Career Tour, From Research to Research Management
19 September 2008
Antonella Di Trapani
A science officer at the European Science Foundation describes her journey through careers and countries.

Peter Brown, Patent Attorney
12 September 2008
Peter Brown
A New Zealand Young Scientist of the Year awardee tells why he decided to move from the bench to the bar.

Research in France
4 July 2008
Andreas Bikfalvi
Understanding the peculiarities of the French public research system is critical to the success of foreign scientists coming into the country.

Frequent Flyer
29 February 2008
Anne McNeil
Faculty interviews can come with tight scheduling, awkward questions, and jet lag.

Finding Opportunities in a Dysfunctional Job Market
15 February 2008
Brooke Allen
If you want to find hidden value in the market for employment, you have to cast a wide net.

A Career Home Run
11 January 2008
Keith Woolner
A former software developer's hobby in baseball statistics landed him a job with a major league baseball team.

Hiring in a Dysfunctional Job Market
16 November 2007
Brooke Allen
A technical professional from the finance industry describes some innovative ways to uncover hidden talent.

The Ultralong-Distance Quest
2 November 2007
Lothar Hennighausen
In the first of a new series of personal perspectives, the author tells what a classic bicycle race taught him about scientific careers.

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