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MiSciNet: Graduate School Transitions Index

Going Abroad for Your Ph.D.
by H. Marshall, 6 July 2007
Pursuing a Ph.D. abroad offers many advantages for aspiring scientists from Europe--and some obstacles.

The Importance of Undergraduate Research
by S. Webb, 6 July 2007
Research experience gives undergraduate scientists a chance to learn what it's like to do real science. And it's practically required these days at top-tier graduate schools.

The Graduate School Application
by C. Barrera, 14 April 2006
Cecilio R. Barrera discusses the components of a typical graduate school application and provides advice on how to handle each section.

The Wild World of Doctoral Funding
by C. Parks, 7 April 2006
Science's Next Wave explores the variety of ways doctoral students pay for graduate school.

Same School, Different Program, All Part of the Plan
by C. Parks, 17 February 2006
Cherie Butts, a postdoc at the National Institute of Mental Health, talks about her transition from undergraduate to graduate school at Johns Hopkins University.

Ph.D. Life: Surviving the Early Years
by E. Francisco, 13 January 2006
Sophia Suarez, a single mother, describes the challenges she faced in graduate school, and offers survival tips for other students.

Sell Yourself - Developing Your Personal Statement
by B. Rybarczyk, 6 January 2006
Brian Rybarczyk gives students interested in applying to graduate school important tips on how to write an effective personal statement.

Summer Breakthroughs in Science
by E. Francisco, 30 September 2005
Imran Babar, one of the winners of HHMI's Gilliam Graduate Fellowship, says his summer research experiences influenced him to pursue graduate school. He will begin his Ph.D. in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at Yale University this fall.

Defending Your Graduate Life
by C. Parks, 23 September 2005
Jami Valentine, scheduled to defend her dissertation in March 2006 at Johns Hopkins University's Department of Physics and Astronomy, shares her graduate school experiences and talks about her defense preparation.

Juggling Life and Graduate School
by E. Francisco, 2 September 2005
As Michael Running Wolf enters his last year of coursework for a master's degree in computer science at Montana State University, he looks back at how he balanced the demands of graduate school and serving the Native American community.

Serving the Native American Community
by E. Francisco, 5 August 2005
Alexander Red Eagle, recipient of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Graduate Fellowship, hopes to make a difference in the lives of Native Americans by becoming a biomedical researcher and physician.

The Sound of Success is a Percussion Instrument
by V. Chase , 29 July 2005
Meisha Bynoe, a recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Gilliam Graduate Fellowship, recently graduated from MIT majoring in biology and music. She says playing percussion instruments helped her do well in science.

Naira Rezende: A Principal Investigator in Training
by E. Francisco , 22 July 2005
Naira Rezende, a recent graduate of Hunter College and a recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Gilliam Graduate Fellowship, talks about her love for science and her dream of running her own lab one day.

Take Charge of Your Ph.D. Training
by M. Farias , 1 July 2005
Martin Farias, a senior fellow in the Department of Physiology at Louisiana State University Health Science Center, gives pointers on how to be successful in graduate school.

The Road to a Neurobiology Ph.D.

by C. Parks, 3 June 2005

Frederick Gregory, a doctoral student in neurobiology at UCLA, talks about his motivation for studying science.

Behind the Awards - How Four GEM Fellows Transitioned into Graduate School

by C. Parks, 15 April 2005

GEM Fellows, Reginald Rogers, Jr., Ciro Lopez, Franklin Alexander Carrero-Martinez, and Zakiah Robinson, talk about their preparations for grad school life.

Creating a Positive Graduate Experience (No Matter What)

by E. Francisco, 25 March 2005

Traci Powell, a postdoctoral fellow in the Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators in Research and Education (SPIRE) Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, talks about the additional challenges she had to face as a disabled graduate student.

Successfully Navigating the First Year of Graduate School

by T. Felder , 18 February 2005

Takita Felder Sumter, assistant professor of chemistry at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, talks about her transition into graduate school and the required skills needed during the critical first year of the program.

Transitioning From Undergraduate to Graduate School

by Anjelica Gonzalez, 10 May 2002

Anjelica Gonzalez tells of her experiences in making the transition to grad school, and provides valuable lessons from those experiences.

Preparing for Graduate School

by Chanel Fortier, 15 Feb 2002

Chanel Fortier had to adjust to being the only African-American in her class, abandon old study habits, get used to the lack of African-American faculty members with whom to identify, and find the time to complete a variety of tasks in a limited amount of time.

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