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Community College to 4-Year Institution Transition

Clinton Junior College: Monitoring, Motivating, and Mentoring Students in STEM
by C. Parks, 18 November 2005
Students attending Clinton Junior College may prepare for careers in science and related fields thanks to a grant from NASA.

From Mexicali to Harvard
by V. Chase, 8 July 2005
Luis León, a third year doctoral student studying immunology at Harvard University and a recent recipient of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Gilliam Graduate Fellowship, talks about his path from minimum-wage jobs to academic researcher.

My Grand Slam

by M. Piñon and and B. Gledhill, 13 May 2005

Monica Piñon talks about her academic path from a community college to UC Berkeley School of Optometry.

Peer Mentors and Networks: Powerful Tools for Promoting Transfer Student Success

by M. Mimnaugh, 1 April 2005

The Bridges Program at Chicago State University (CSU), the Chicago Linkage for Minorities in Biomedical Sciences (CLIMB), allows students from three Chicago-area community colleges to pursue baccalaureate degrees at CSU.

Bridges to American Indian Students in Community Colleges Program

by G. Kuehn, 18 March 2005

The Bridges Program at New Mexico State University (NMSU) at Las Cruces allows NMSU scientists and mentors to interact with American Indian students attending five regional community colleges.

Transferring to a Four-Year Institution

by Barton Gledhill, 11 February 2005

Barton Gledhill offers specific steps that students at two-year colleges should take in order to make a smooth transition to four-year institutions.

Community College Students - An Untapped Source of Future Scientists

by Thomas Landefeld, 14 January 2005

Thomas Landefeld, Associate Dean at California State University, Dominguez Hills, encourages administrators at four-year institutions to recruit more community college science students.

Unveiling the Blindness

by Juan Carlos Trujillo, 20 February 2004

Juan Carlos Trujillo, a mathematics major and UC LEADS Scholar at UC-Berkeley, provides an inspirational account of his personal journey as a Mexican-American entering mathematics.

A Second Chance

by Juana Rudati, 8 November 2002

A physics PhD candidate says that regardless of the reason, community colleges offer a second chance to continue an education or restart a career.

My Community College Experience

by Racquel Garcia, 13 September 2002

Racquel Garcia, a PhD student, describes her experiences with the Summer Bridges program, a joint venture between El Paso Community College and the University of Texas, El Paso.

Building a Strong Foundation

by Sibrina Collins, 15 February 2002

Dr. Collins tells about her experiences that led from a community college in Michigan to a PhD at Ohio State, and offers advice to others considering a similar route.

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