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MiSciNet Ancestors of Science

Welcome to Ancestors of Science, the Minority Scientists Network page dedicated to the lives and achievements of scientists, engineers, and innovators of Native American, African, and Hispanic descent. These pioneers may be gone, but they're not forgotten.

The contributions of racial minorities are often overlooked or outright whitewashed, but that doesn't quell our thirst for knowledge. Have you ever been frustrated by the implication that Greeks and Romans were the only peoples involved in ancient science? Or that the Renaissance only involved Europe? If so, Ancestors of Science will help dispel the myths and shine a light on our glorious past. From mathematics to astronomy, medical knowledge to engineering marvels, people of color have shaped past civilizations and provided part of the framework for modern technology.

We hope the information you find in "Ancestors" and "Civilization and Technology Spotlight" will motivate you to learn more and pass the knowledge to others. Regardless of your background, these stories will enlighten you and may inspire you to new heights. While focusing on the present, we must not forget our past. Our future isn't possible without it.

Forbearers' profiles
Forbearers' Profiles presents both well- and little-known scientists and engineers of color whose professional contributions have advanced society.

Civilization and Technology Spotlight
The Civilization and Technology Spotlight showcases the achievements of civilizations of Hispanic, Native American, and African peoples from long ago. Many of these advances provide the basis for technologies in use today.

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