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Network Your Way Into Work: Index of Articles

Dick van Vlooten is founder and owner of di Cuore, an institute that studies the art of doing business from the heart. Networking is one of his major fields of interest. Dick has trained businesspeople, students, and entrepreneurs in the art of networking. He shares his insights in a series of articles for Next Wave.

Cutting the Gender Scissors - 11 February 2005
More men end up in higher positions in science than women. Found out how you can work your way around this trend.

My Friends are Your Friends - 3 December 2004
Your reputation is very important if you want to enlarge your network. Find out how you can build it up.

Finding the Needle in a Haystack - 18 June 2004
It's a small world, and therefore you can get an answer to any question you have. Just make sure you send out the right question, to the right people.

Those Who Give Get - 7 May 2004
The seventh law of networking: paradox of profit. Read about how you can go far by giving away.

Fairly Odd Friends - 2 April 2004
Friends of friends (of friends)--and the structure of your network--are the key to success.

Of Noble Descent - 5 March 2004
The law of first mover advantage means that some people have a head start when it comes to networking, but even if you aren't of noble birth, don't despair--you can still improve your network, starting today!

So It's a Small World--So What? - 6 February 2004
In the rest of the series we will learn more about each of the seven laws in more detail, starting with the idea that you can reach anyone else in the world in just six steps.

The Seven Laws of Networking - 16 January 2004
Networking is not a mystery. There are laws that govern the way networking works, irrespective of the people involved.

The Five Modes of Human Interaction - 12 December 2003
Steal, beg, deal, like or love--understand the modes of human interaction and you've taken the first step to improve your networking.

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