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Kat Arney: *Index of Columns*

15 October 2004. Science and the City. Kat Arney hung up her postdoc boots quite recently for a role of Science Information Officer for a medical research charity. Is it really going to turn out to be the glamorous role that she dreamt of all those years back in the lab?

3 September 2004. The Art of the Artefact. Kat reminds you that your success as a scientist depends on producing meaningful results in the shortest possible time. So before you embark on a new experimental journey, make sure you're not heading for a dead-end, in other words, chasing an artefact.

6 August 2004. It's Great If You're Straight?. Say "equal opportunities", and most people will have in mind issues related to women and ethnic minorities in the workplace. But what if you are a gay, lesbian or transexual scientist? Kat Arney investigates, and finds out that experiences on the academic ground can be as positive as negative.

23 July 2004. Shutting that Door Behind You. This is it... After months of increasing discontent with her research career, Kat Arney is finally breaking free from the ivory tower. Now, she?s resisted the temptation to skip merrily around the lab to tell us about the art of leaving your lab -- and your colleagues -- behind.

18 June 2004. Ask Dr Bridget for Advice. A multitude of schemes, grants, and opportunities have sprung up to support the Ladies of the Labs. But where can women turn for answers to the more embarrassing and difficult questions that arise in the course of scientific life? Well, Dr Bridget has been thinking about this too and has decided to be your agony aunt herself.

7 May 2004. Science and You: A Marriage Made in Heaven?. Although her affair with scientific research is yet to reach the crockery-hurling stage, it has certainly reached the level of terse grunts and painful silences. Kat takes an uncompromising look at her relationship with science.

2 April 2004. Even Scientists Get the Blues. Long days, nights and weekends at recalcitrant experiments, fear of being scooped by a rival group, or a difficult interpersonal situation can give even cheerful researchers a case of blues.

19 March 2004. Digging for Victory. She may feel like the star of 'the Great Escape' but Kat Arney has picked up lots of career changing tips in her effort to leave the lab for a career in science communication.

16 January 2004. Dr Bridget's New Year's Resolutions. Armed with her new year's resolutions, Dr Bridget is back in the lab and ready to revitalise her flagging career and spirits.

5 December 2003. Time for Tea. Kat Arney praises the humble tea mug that lies at the heart of every scientific career.

7 November 2003. The Bare Facts About Science Radio. As well as being a scientist leading the hectic life of a hospital doctor, Chris Smith runs the UK's newest interactive science radio show, the Naked Scientists. So what does it take to juggle three demanding careers? Kat Arney investigates.

3 October 2003. The MD/PhD Career Track: A Dual-Career Dream--Or Double the Trouble? Contemplating being a scientist and a medic? Kat Arney finds out the rewards and challenges you may encounter on your dual-career path.

5 September 2003. The I-Spy to Group Leaders. The ultimate tongue-in-cheek guide to group leadership styles ... which one do you work for? Which one will you be ...

1 August 2003. Dual-Career Couples: A Compromising Situation. Kat Arney had it all sussed out for her academic career. Unfortunately there was a fatal flaw in her cunning plan--she had failed to take her partner of 5 years into account.

4 July 2003. Dr Bridget's Postdoctoral Diary. Number of hours spent using fluorescence microscope: 4. Number of spots in front of eyes after using microscope: 1082. Dr Bridget is keeping a diary of her life in the lab. ...

6 June 2003. The Scientific Conference Guide (Or, How to Make the Most of Your Free Holiday). Love them or hate them, conferences are an inescapable part of the rich tapestry of scientific life--and Kat Arney's got a few tips for you.

9 May 2003. Hanging in There: Top Ten Things About Finishing Your PhD. Working for a PhD is tough. In those moments when it feels like the only light at the end of the tunnel is coming from the departmental chocolate machine, take heart from the top 10 kind-of-cool things about getting your PhD.

4 April 2003. Disasters of the Famous. Feeling like jacking it all in and signing on for trolley-pushing at the local supermarket? Despair not--even big shots have endured terrible failures at some point or another in their career!

7 March 2003. I'm Too Sexy for My Science. What defines whether a topic can capture a whole academic field or the public's imagination? Kat Arney takes a closer look at what makes science sexy.

14 February 2003. Ten Telltale Signs That Scaling the Ivory Tower Isn't for You. Kat Arney has put together 10 pointers to help wavering PhD students and postdocs answer the ultimate question: How do you know if you really aren't cut out for a career on the academic hamster wheel?

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