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Gary S. May, Ph.D.

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Engineering Major: Electrical Engineering

Degree Granting Institution(s): Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley

Job Title: Professor and Steve W. Chaddick School Chair of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia.

Job Responsibilities: I act as the chief academic officer of the school and provide leadership to over 100 faculty members and 2,400 students. Our program ranks sixth in the nation among electrical engineering and computer engineering programs.

My field of research focuses on increasing the efficiency of microelectronics fabrication processes. I use computer-integrated manufacturing to produce integrated circuits. The best parts of my job are that as a researcher, I am constantly developing and implementing new ideas, and as an educator, I get to communicate those ideas to students with a desire to learn. It's never dull.

The outlook for engineering is bright. Our society and economy are driven by innovation, and engineers play a key role in developing innovative technological solutions to improve the quality of life.

Best Advice: Work hard, play hard, and pray hard.

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