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Women in Science: What Are the Issues?


Wasted Talents--Women Scientists in Eastern and Central Europe

Women in Industry: The Sublime and the Ridiculous

European Women in Science: Stand Up and Be Counted

European Science in the 21st Century: The View From the Lab Floor

Movin' On Up or Movin' On Out?

Men Wanted

EU Confronts the Gender Gap

EU Moves to Decrease the Gender Gap

What Does It Take for Women to Stay in Academic Chemistry?

Casualisation in Science: A 21st Century Malaise?

Where Have All the Women Gone?

Sowing the Seeds of Change

Women in Science: the Need for Research

Enough Talk, Let's See Some Action!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Mainstreaming Gender Equality: A Quantum Leap

Inherent in the System

Ask Sir Robert, Part I

Not Another White Paper on Science and Technology?

Women in Science: Academia or Industry?

Women in Science: Is Gender an Issue in Science and Engineering Employment?

Wellcome Students Have Their Say

Contract Research: The Staff View

Women: Still Second Best in Science?

The Helmholtz Association: In Quest of Equal Opportunities for Women

German PhD Students: Free But Lonely

Junior Scientists Express Concern

Chipping Away at Feudal Vestiges in Academe

100 Years of Women at German Universities

Consultancy and Other Sources of Brain Drain

Life and Research in the Netherlands, Part 2: The Scientific Establishment

Filling the Swedish Recruitment Gap

Spanish Science Haemorrhages Talent

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