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MD-PhD Careers, Feature Index


From the feature editors.


Honorary Guest Editor Rod Ulane of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center presents an overview of M.D./Ph.D. training .

From the U.S.:

With more than 100 M.D./Ph.D. programs, the US is the world's leader in the production of dual-degree scientists.

An M.D./Ph.D. FAQ

Starting Down the M.D./Ph.D. Track

Stale Bagels, Fresh Science

Choosing a Thesis Lab

Choosing a Clinical Specialty

The M.D./Ph.D.: What Comes After?

An Alternative Model for MD/PhD Training

Living a Double Life

Is There a Doctor-Doctor In the House?

Balancing Patient Care and Research

A Long Trail (Nearing the End)

A Typical Path for a Physician-Scientist

From Canada

Though still relatively rare (there are nine in all), M.D./Ph.D. programs are catching on in Canada.

How should an M.D./Ph.D. Be Done?

M.D./Ph.D., Canuck-Style

Straight Goods on the M.D./Ph.D. Experience

Dual Degrees in BC

The Dual-Degree Couple

From Europe

American-style dual-degree programs are rare in Europe, but similar programs exist, and there are other ways to become a physician-scientist.

M.D./Ph.D. Careers: the Dutch Experience

Swedish Clinical Research in Crisis

An Overview of German Programs

Spain Offers a Helping Hand to Hospital Researchers

UK Vet Combines Research and Clinical Skills

UK: Dual-Career Dream, or Double the Trouble?

German Research Life Under the Microscope


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