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The UK CareerDoctor *Index of Columns*

Where Do I Fit in the British Academic System?
16 September 2005
Our CareerDoctor advises a British student who would like to come back to the UK once her PhD in the US is over. A clear understanding of where one fits in a new academic system is key.

Getting to the End of Your PhD
26 August 2005
The final year of a PhD may be the most challenging of all. Those who finish their PhD on schedule (and on funding) are few; this requires some serious planning and motivation, and the CareerDoctor gives you just that.

Getting Essential Core Skills, with Tenure at Stake
15 July 2005
Our CareerDoctor advises an assistant professor who, after three years and a half, feels that all her precious time is going into committee meetings and classes -- leaving her in the impossibility to work on her own research, let alone think about it.

On the Road to Health and Safety
17 June 2005
The CareerDoctor spells out health and safety acronyms to a research assistant in search of a way in, and advises her whether she should go for additional training or direct employment.

Time to Change Lab
27 May 2005
The CareerDoctor addresses two big issues in academic career development - how long may you stay in the same lab before it becomes damaging to your career, and how should you start looking for independence.

Don't Let a Bad Reference Stall your Career
22 April 2005
You've got the feeling this job interview went really well ... But, weeks later, still no sign from the employer. Could it be that you were given a bad reference?

Surviving the "Blues" Year in your PhD
18 March 2005
The CareerDoctor advises a PhD student in physics who is half-way through his PhD time, and is considering giving it all a day.

Making a Comeback
11 February 2005
Is it possible to come back to academia once you have turned your back to it? The CareerDoctor advises a chemist currently working in industry on the barriers between him and an academic post, and gives him practical advice on how he may make himself a stronger candidate.

Making a Fresh Start
14 January 2005
If your career hasn't always been going the way you intended, before you realise it you might find yourself sucked into dwelling on "what might have been". The CareerDoctor helps you put this behind you and make a new start for the year ahead.

Christmas Wrap-Up
10 December 2004

Starting Your Ph.D. on the Right Track, Part 2
12 November 2004

Choosing the Right Postdoc
8 October 2004

Starting Your PhD on the Right Track, Part 1
10 September 2004

Breaking-up with Academia
13 August 2004

How to Avoid the Postdoc Trap
9 July 2004

Academic Careers Demystified
11 June 2004

Destination Europe
14 May 2004

Transfer Yourself From the Academic to the Commercial World
9 April 2004

Escape to Industry, Part II
26 March 2004

Master's and PhDs
12 March 2004

Preparing for Assessment Centres
27 February 2004

Presenting Illnesses and Changes of Direction
13 February 2004

CVs for Postdocs Leaving Academia
23 January 2004

Breaking into Law
9 January 2004

And Another Thing ...
19 December 2003

Escape to Industry
12 December 2003

Beating the Interview Odds
28 November 2003

Making a Comeback
14 November 2003

Academics, Wish You Were There?
24 October 2003

Making a Year Out Count
10 October 2003

Top Tips for Using Agencies
26 September 2003

Early-Career Mature Scientists
12 September 2003

The Appeal of a Career in Medicine
22 August 2003

Overcoming a Poor Publication Record
8 August 2003

To Boldly Go ... Enterprise for Academics
25 July 2003

Take the Initiative: Speculative Applications
11 July 2003

27 June 2003

I Want to Break Free!
13 June 2003

Location, Location, Location ...
23 May 2003

Bringing Your Research Closer to People
9 May 2003

From an Employer's Wish-List to Your CV, Part 2
25 April 2003

A Silver Lining to Redundancy?
11 April 2003

From an Employer's Wish-List to Your CV, Part 1
28 March 2003

A Tale of Two Pharmacologists
14 March 2003

Am I Being Realistic?
28 February 2003

Show Me the Money!
14 February 2003

Finding Your Summer Placement--Get Moving!
24 January 2003

Getting Into Education/Community Liaison
10 January 2003

Help! What Do I Do With My Degree? Part 2--Finding a Real Job
13 December 2002

Returning to Work After a Career Break
22 November 2002

Keeping Your Options Open
8 November 2002

Leaving the Lab Behind
25 October 2002

Should I Stay (in the Lab) or Should I Go?
11 October 2002

Help! What Do I Do with My Degree?
27 September 2002

Ask Sara Your Way through the Career Maze
13 September 2002

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