Careers in Complementary and Alternative Medicine *Feature Index*

From the shamans and physician-philosophers of antiquity to contemporary naturopaths, healers of all kinds offer a multitude of cures for all sorts of ailments. In many parts of the world, these practices are accepted without reservation and remain the primary vehicle for medical care. However, although some of these practices--acupuncture, for example--have gained limited acceptance by Western medical authorities, most remain on the fringes of Western medicine. [More]

In recent years, a resurgence of interest has prompted governments, industries, and institutions to step up their efforts into the research and development of CAM. But what does all this investment and effort mean for today's young scientists?

In this feature, Next Wave dips into what's brewing in the new world of CAM ...

Global: Careers in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: An Overview

Singapore editor Jennie Wong introduces the practice of and research into complementary and alternative medicine.

United States: Alternative to What? Complementary to Whom?

Charles Rosenberg, professor of the history of science at Harvard University, shares his thoughts.

Singapore: Rediscovering Remedies

The brothers Zhu, medical scientists both, share a common interest in researching Chinese medicine.

Canada: The Relationship Between Nutrition and Mental Disorders

"There is increasing recognition of the importance of research on alternative ways of thinking about health, such as nutritional supplementation," says Bonnie Kaplan of the University of Calgary.

UK: Hanging On in the UK

Research in Chinese medicine is already big in China, America, Japan, and Australia, so why shouldn't young British scientists do their research in one of those countries? Elisabeth Pain speaks to Dr Ming Zhao Cheng, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Middlesex University, who explains why.

Canada: Regulating Natural Health Products

Regulating natural health products in Canada is a new priority for the Canadian government, and that translates into jobs and potential funding for NHP research.

United States: Federal Corner: Funding for Research on Complementary and Alternative Medical Approaches

GrantsNet's Katie Cottingham checks out what NCCAM and NCI are offering for projects in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Brazil: Bioprospecting in Brazil--Alternative Approaches Toward Producing Autochthonic Medicines

Antonio Jose Lapa, professor of pharmacology at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo, shares his vision on Brazil?s promising autochthonic medicine programs.

Germany: Alternative Medicine in Germany

Thomas Beck reports on his experiences of CAM practices in hospitals and universities, as well as his transition to running his own CAM practice.

Germany: Naturopathy and Hyperactive Kids (In German)

Ingrid Dietel writes about her experiences treating hyperactive children by using alternative methods.

Singapore: Offering the Best of East-West Medicine

Ek Heng Ng meets one doctor who makes a difference with his dual qualifications in Western and Chinese medicine.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong's Boom in Chinese Medicine Research

Ge Lin and Hoi-Sing Chung report that opportunities abound in Hong Kong as government, academia, and industry join hands to boost training, research, and development of Chinese medicine.

Singapore: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography - A Useful Tool For The Determination Of Active Constituents And Adulterants In Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines

Mui Chiung Tsai, a PhD from London, shows how one can use modern analytical tools like HPLC to determine the presence of active constituents and adulterants in TCM.

India: Ayurvedic Medicine--More Than Just a Respectable Profession

Ashok Kumar, a scientist cum Ayurvedic practitioner, shares his experiences and views on the practice of Ayurvedic medicine in India.

Malaysia: How I Got Into Alternative Medicine

Spooky stuff--that was what pharmacist Rajen thought of alternative medicine. But not anymore. Today, with a Ph.D. in holistic medicine, he educates the public on the uses of herbs.

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