Partnering for Young Scientists: VSNU, NOW, and Science's Next Wave Join Forces

S cience?s Next Wave Netherlands and Academic Transfer have agreed to build a strategic partnership with the aim of improving access to career advice and job search assistance for young researchers in the Netherlands. Next Wave NL and Academic Transfer recognise and meet the high demand for career information among graduates, postgraduates, and postdocs.

The portals? creators believe that the weekly features, articles, and news stories on careers open to scientists on and off the bench, as well as tips for job hunting and information on emerging research fields, provided by Next Wave NL ideally complement the regularly updated database of available jobs provided by Academic Transfer. To better assist their international readerships, Academic Transfer and Science's Next Wave Netherlands provide information in both Dutch and in English.

In the future, the two portals will collaborate on joint outreach and promotional activities, including linking related content on their Web sites. Through their joint efforts, Academic Transfer and Next Wave NL hope to contribute to the promotion of scientific excellence for the next generation of scientists in the Netherlands.

Academic Transfer

Academic Transfer is the Netherlands' national, cross-disciplinary job engine for the academic job market and is hosted by the Association of Universities in the Netherlands ( VSNU). Academic Transfer provides information about career opportunities in academic teaching and research, but also about jobs in support and management areas and jobs for medical doctors and nurses. Furthermore, Academic Transfer gives information about developments in the Dutch and international academic labour market. The service is free of charge, both to job seekers using the portal for their job search and for employers posting their job openings to the site. Because of its excellent reputation in the Netherlands, especially among job seekers, Academic Transfer is an efficient recruitment tool for universities, research centres, and academic hospitals.

Science's Next Wave

Whereas Academic Transfer features jobs available, Science?s Next Wave is a global weekly career-development magazine, published by AAAS and its research journal, Science , that has portals in several countries. Through a mixture of first-person stories, expert advice, and news articles, Next Wave addresses young researchers at a time when they are making crucial career decisions, for example, whether to remain in academic research or to transfer into industry.

AiO?s, OiO?s, postdocs, and students will also find valuable advice on topics such as how to write a grant proposal, the difficulties of combining career and family, how to organise PhD research, and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Monthly features highlight global opportunities in selected fields such as forensic research and bioinformatics and nonresearch opportunities such as scientific broadcasting and translating and interpreting.

The Netherlands edition of Next Wave was launched 5 April 2002 and was featured as "URL of the Month" by the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde in June 2002. Next Wave?s Netherlands comes to you with the support of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

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