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Welcome to our new service for early-career researchers in the Netherlands. Read on to find out more about this site, the content you can find here, and the people who run it.

Who We Are and What We Do

Next Wave is a career development magazine, updated weekly on the Web, that has been published since 1995 by the research journal Science . Today, 5 April 2002, the Netherlands edition joins the family of Next Wave editions in the UK, Germany, the US, Canada, and Singapore.

The aim of our international staff is to provide you, the early-career researcher (see sidebar), with the tools, insight, and advice you need to discover the vast range of careers open to you, decide which path you want to pursue, and follow it. For more detailed information on 'where to find what' on the site, please consult "Voor Nieuwe Lezers".

What Is an 'Early-Career Researcher'?

We're delighted for anyone who finds Next Wave's content interesting to use it! But the people we're writing for are primarily postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and people in their first permanent academic posts (junior faculty). Many final-year undergraduates read Next Wave, too--proving that it's never too early to start thinking about your career!

Why Next Wave in the Netherlands?

Scientific research originates in the desire to draw Mother Nature's best-kept secrets from her. But it takes more to be a successful researcher. Already, the daily working environment is often so complex that a professional approach is needed when, for example, choosing the right postdoc position or writing a successful grant. However, academic supervisors are not trained to give such career advice to their junior fellows, and the selfless mentor is still generally wishful thinking, far out of reach for most young researchers. The often-devastating results are well known: Too many young talents leave scientific research for good because they had no access to solid career advice.

While this story is familiar all over the world, the particular situation of young researchers differs considerably from country to country, as our series The EuroDoc Exchange--Sharing a Vision for the Future of Research in Europe shows. And this is exactly where the Internet offers us a unique chance to provide online mentoring and first-hand career advice to the great benefit of thousands and thousands of young academics all around the globe, as the growing community of Next Wave's readers impressively proves.

Science magazine and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) feel special responsibility to support the next generation of scientists. And they therefore agreed to set up a Netherlands edition of Science's Next Wave. This provides access to global career development resources, combining the shared experiences of fellow students and researchers from all around the world with news and advice specific to the situation in your home country: the Netherlands.

The First Edition

Accordingly, this very first edition for the Netherlands offers you news and background to current career issues for young academics in your country. This week you can read about the Dutch PhD students' fight for better mentoring, or you might benefit from looking at the first part of our series Transitions, in which Stijn Oomes writes about his experiences as a Dutch PhD student in the US.

And as every month, Next Wave also publishes an international feature on a special research area or career path. Our topic for April is Careers in Clinical Research. Professor Adam Cohen, director of the Netherlands' Centre for Human Drug Research and executive editor of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, has written a terrific survey of career prospects in the field of clinical research in the Netherlands and Europe.


Last but not least, please also have a look at our Forums, the most interactive place for the Next Wave community. Here you'll find views and experiences of fellow students and researchers on all kinds of ongoing debates; these discussions may help you overcome problems such as balancing career and family, writing grants, dealing with supervisors, and handling ethical issues. Also importantly, you can use them yourself to share your own views and experiences and thus contribute to making Science's Next Wave an even more vivid, interacting group of researchers.

We are happy to hear from you if you have suggestions, questions, or story ideas. Feel free to contact the Next Wave team:


Postbus 93138

NL-2509 AC Den Haag


Laan van Nieuw Oost Indië 300

NL-2593 CE Den Haag

Enjoy reading, please contribute to your new site, and don't forget to bookmark Next Wave Netherlands!

Best regards,

Robert M. Metzke

Editor, Next Wave Netherlands

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