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Phil Dee, Transferredly Yours: *Index of Columns*

Phil Dee started his columns for Next Wave as a PhD student in the Yours Transferably series .

Time to Bid Farewell
28 October 2005
After 5 years, it's time for Phil Dee to bid Next Wave readers farewell. At least for now.

Testing New Waters
23 September 2005
Phil Dee weighs up his options of doing a postdoc abroad and tries to keep his irons in the domestic and overseas job market.

Your Real Alternative to a Career in Science
19 August 2005
While contemplating his permanent departure from scientific research, Phil Dee reflects on his alternative career options.

Published but Unpaid
22 July 2005
Phil Dee may be away from the bench, but the opportunity to publish has never been better.

Time Out
24 June 2005
Phil explains how he is spending his time wisely during his unpaid leave from the lab bench.

Standing in the Welfare Line
27 May 2005
Phil is haunted by the thought of failure, and faces up to the harsh or is it not-so-harsh reality of the first weeks as an out-of-work scientist.

Funding May Die, But New Opportunities Come to Life
29 April 2005
Phil Dee explains why facing a temporary end to all funding presents a golden opportunity to close the door behind and start out on a new research direction.

Facing the Great Unknown
25 March 2005
What do you do at the end of your postdoc contract when your next grant is not funded and you are out of a job? Phil Dee has a plan.

Laboratory Notebook-Keeping for Busy Scientists
25 February 2005
Was 'Keep a good notebook!' on your New Year's resolution list but you still haven't managed to find the time to do it? Phil Dee offers advice from one who knows

The Fringe Benefits of Science
28 January 2005
It may not be the reason you are in the lab but, according to Phil Dee, the fringe benefits of science do add up.

Endurance Training for Researchers
24 December 2004

The Unspoken Things of Science
19 November 2004

Bringing Closure to Your Project
15 October 2004

A Tool Kit of Transferable Skills for Postdocs
17 September 2004

When Research Is Your Second Career
20 August 2004

'I'm sorry, he's away on foreign business'
2 July 2004

21 May 2004

Lab Cred?
16 April 2004

Biting the Bullet
19 March 2004

Networking on Your Doorstep
20 February 2004

16 January 2004

Confessions of a Secret Lab Dancer
19 December 2003

Sticking Irons Into the Funding Fire
21 November 2003

Abstracting the Truth
17 October 2003

The Secret of (Almost) Original Thinking
19 September 2003

Turn up the Heat
15 August 2003

Finding the Spark That Lights Your Fire
18 July 2003

Interview Skills for the Job Hungry
20 June 2003

Write Yourself a 10-Year Plan
16 May 2003

Reading Between the Lines
18 April 2003

How to Get Around to Writing
21 March 2003

Score Your Own PI Potential
21 February 2003

Are You PI Material? Assess Yourself
17 January 2003

Go On - Be Creative this Christmas
20 December 2002

Take the Bull by the Horns
29 November 2002

Starting From Scratch: Trials of a First-Time Teacher
18 October 2002

The PhD Viva: Thrive or Survive
20 September 2002

Let Yourself in on Science's Secrets
30 August 2002

Get Some Help! Part 2: Making Best Use of Your Extra Pairs of Hands
19 July 2002

Get Some Help! Extra Pairs of Hands for Free
21 June 2002

Be a Science Guru for a Day
17 May 2002

Stand Out from the Crowd
19 April 2002

Expert or Charlatan?
18 January 2002

Hey, Big Spender!
11 December 2001

Create Your Own Postdoc Job
16 November 2001

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