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The U.S. Department of Energy's Grants and Contracts Web Page includes a listing of all active and recently closed research grant solicitation notices. Includes links to application guide and forms, an introduction to the review process, and rules and regulations.

The National Science Foundation funds research in several areas of energy-related science.

The Bioenergy Information Network's solicitations page includes links to solicitations from various government organizations for research funding related to biofuels.

Five Canadian federal government departments dealing with natural resources have banded together to encourage collaboration and coordination in the use of science and technology for sustainable development. Collectively, the group hopes to promote energy efficiency and clean technologies, and wisely manage and conserve renewable resources, among other things.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funds many aspects of energy research including mining, gas supply and distribution, and production of nuclear fuel. It recently launched the Supergen Initiative for sustainable power generation and supply.

The UK Department of Trade and Industry has a New and Renewable Energy Programme under which there is currently a call for proposals.

The European Commission funds research through the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development specific programme of the Research DG, although most calls under Framework 5 are now closed.

The EC's Directorate General for Energy (DGXVII) has a number of funding schemes under its own framework programme.

German Energy Agency--Promoting and funding sustainable energy consumption, renewable energies, and new innovative energy technologies (fuel cells, etc.) (in German).

Research and Information Centers

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) conducts research into novel nuclear fission fuels and technologies.

The Energy Research Unit (ERU) at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the United Kingdom carries out new and renewable energy research and operates the ERU Test Site, which can be used by UK-based academics and students.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is the premier lab in the United States for energy efficiency and renewable energy research.

The Department of Energy (DOE) operates a Bioenergy Feedstock Development Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee.

Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) Energy Sector Web site details the Canadian government's activities in energy policies, resource discovery, and development.

Read about NRCan efforts to test and establish renewable energy resources in Canada's remote communities.

Read about the latest fusion research efforts at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) home page. The ITER project is a collaboration between scientists and engineers from Canada, Europe, Japan, and Russia. ITER's mission is to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy for peaceful purposes.

Heriot-Watt University's Department of Petroleum Engineering got a top 5* grading in the UK's recent Research Assessment Exercise. It has been selected as Europe's research centre of excellence and has received over half a million pounds of European funding to enable researchers to make use of its oil and gas energy research facilities.

German Wind Energy Association

Information on solar energy in Germany (in German).

The German Federal Environment Ministry informs about Germany's renewable energy policies.

The " 100,000 roofs for solar energy" program in Germany, with additional information about solar energy.

Employment and Training

The U.S. DOE's Science Intern and Training Portal includes links to several energy-related internship and training pages.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratories Research Participant Program Web site has information on jobs, fellowships, postdoc, and faculty research opportunities.

The Oak Ridge National Lab's Community College Internships page describes training opportunities for community college students

Los Alamos National Laboratories' postdoctoral opportunities page includes opportunities for both postdoctoral fellows, who work independently, and postdoctoral research associates, who participate in existing programs.

Los Alamos lists its job opportunities here.

Educational Opportunities at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, one of America's foremost fusion research facilities. Includes links to several fellowship programs for short-term training programs for undergraduate students.

The Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience provides a detailed introduction to plasma physics and fusion research, including the "virtual tokamak" and the "virtual magnetic stability module."

The DOE provides access to jobs at its career opportunities page. You can link from here to DOE's job-search engine, which lists jobs at several national labs.

The employment page of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory includes job opportunities, as well as opportunities for students and educators. describes itself as "The Official Recruitment Site for the Oil and Gas Industry" and includes a careers advice section, as well as job listings.

Petroleum Place is an Internet portal which includes a job listing service for jobs within the oil and gas industry.

Solar campaign in Germany creates sustainable jobs in renewable energy (in German).

Industry Sectors

Fuel Cells Canada is a nonprofit, national industry association in the business of promoting, developing, demonstrating, and deploying fuel cell and related products and services in Canada.

The British Wind Energy Association site has a useful 'education, careers and jobs' section.

The European Wind Energy Association's directory of members provides a useful listing of companies in the wind energy field.

The European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources is an independent, non-profit making organisation that aims to promote the use of renewable energy."

Find out all about fusion power from the UK Atomic Energy Authority's Web site, including event listings and job opportunities. Also, read our feature story!

The UK Hydrogen Energy Network (H2NET) is a collaboration between industry and academia which aims to promote research and discussion on issues connected with the development of the hydrogen energy economy within the UK.

The German Wind Energy Institute English home page has statistics on German wind energy and links to all major manufacturers.

Although it is being phased out in Germany, information on nuclear energy in Germany can be found here.

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