Announcing the 2002 Postdoc Network National Meeting

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The Postdoc Network invites you to attend the second national Postdoc Network meeting " Implementation 2002: Opportunities for Collaboration" on 20 April 2002 in Washington, D.C.

Following the success of the first national Postdoc Network meeting and the National Academies' COSEPUP Convocation on Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience for Scientists and Engineers, Opportunities for Collaboration promises to build and sustain momentum for efforts aimed at improving the postdoctoral experience. The emphasis of the meeting will be on seeking and creating opportunities for collaboration between and among the many parties who share this common goal.

Opportunities for Collaboration is being organized to accommodate and encourage small-group interactions, including optional evening dinner discussions, breakout sessions, and lunch table topics. Representatives from a wide range of disciplines--from microbiology to mathematics--will be participating. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of promising practices by providing a forum for sharing the continuing challenges and opportunities facing those working to enhance the postdoctoral experience. To this end, representatives of all the interested constituencies will host sessions: postdocs, administrators, disciplinary societies, and funding agencies.

John H. Marburger, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, will deliver the keynote address.

Meeting Program

Implementation 2002: Opportunities for Collaboration

AAAS Headquarters

Washington, D.C.

Saturday, 20 April 2002

8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Opening Plenary: Building Bridges

      9-10 am

  • Moderator: Jean Parr, Head, Career Services, American Chemical Society
  • Professional Development Programs of Disciplinary Societies

    -Lorna Kent, American Society for Microbiology

  • Lessons Learned in Maintaining a Postdoc Association

    -Audrey Ettinger, Stanford University Postdoc Association

  • Melding the Needs of Postdocs with Departmental Support Services

    -Sharon Milgram, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Breakout Sessions: Developing Successful Strategies

      10:30-12 pm

  • Focus on postdocs

    Moderator: Lisa Koslowski, Program Director, Science's Next Wave
    -Daniel Besser, Rockefeller University
    -Claudina Aleman, National Cancer Institute
    -Kim Paul, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
    -Avi Spier, The Scripps Research Institute

  • Focus on administrators

    Moderator: Jonathan LeViathan, Postdoctoral Fellows Advisor, The J. David Gladstone Institutes
    -Sadis Matalon, Assoc. Dean for Postdoctoral Education, Univ. Alabama at Birmingham
    -Jonathan Wiest, Assoc. Director for Training and Education, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute
    -Mary Anne With, Institutional Oversight, Postdoctoral Program, Los Alamos National Labs

  • Focus on disciplinary societies

    Moderator: Ric Weibl, US Editor, Science's Next Wave
    -Patricia Clark, Chair, Early Careers Committee, Biophysics Society
    -Patrick Mulvey, American Institute of Physics
    -Thomas Sweitzer, Coordinator, Interim ad hoc Sub-Committee on Postdoctoral Training, American Society for Cell Biology

Lunch with optional table topics

      12:30-1:30 pm

Keynote Address

      1:45-2:45 pm

John H. Marburger, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Concurrent Sessions

      3-5 pm

  • What is a Postdoc Anyway?

    Moderator: Sam Castañeda
    Coordinator, Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program University of California at Berkeley
    John Vaughn, (invited) Executive Vice President, AAU
    Sam Castañeda, Coordinator, VSPA, UC Berkeley
    Tom Peavy, Chair, UC Davis Postdoc Association; and Chair, UC Council of Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Postdoc Funding Sources: A Vanishing Pot?

    Moderator: Timothy Coetzee
    Director, Research Training Programs National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    Jerry Bryant, Program Director, United Negro College Fund
    Richard Harshman, Associate Director, Associateship Programs, National Academies of Science
    Marc Hurlbert, Associate Director of Research, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
    T. J. Koerner, Director of Research Information Management, American Cancer Society
    Vic McGovern, Program Officer, Burroughs Wellcome Fund
    Walter Schaffer, Research Training Officer, NIH
    Michael Teitelbaum, Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

  • Women Scientists: Plugging Holes in the Pipeline

    Moderators: Elizabeth Haswell and Helen McBride
    Postdocs, Division of Biology California Institute of Technology
    Catherine Didion, Executive Director, AWIS
    Mary Kirckhoff, American Chemical Society
    Barbara Lazarus, Associate Provost and Adjunct Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
    Marilyn Suiter, National Science Foundation
    Zena Werb, Professor, UC San Francisco

  • Reaching Out to International Postdocs

    Moderator: L. D. Newman
    Director/Immigration Counsel International and Postdoctoral Services Office Medical College of Georgia
    Sharon Hrynkow, Deputy Director, Fogarty International Center, NIH
    Philip Chen, Acting Chief, International Services Branch, NIH
    David Eagleman, Chair, Postdoc Association, The Salk Institute
    L. D. Newman, Director, IPSO, Medical College of Georgia

Closing Reception

      5-6:30 pm

We are also planning optional activities for those staying over Friday and/or Saturday evening.

Stay tuned to the Postdoc Network and the Postdoc Network Listserv for details.

For more information or to submit a proposal for a concurrent session, contact Laure Haak, Editor, Postdoc Network. Click here to register.